Scratch Programming Project (Including Support)


Scratch Programming Project (Including Support)

This programming project based learning pack has been designed as a standalone, ‘off the shelf’ project to support teachers.

Gaia deploys its expertise  within its Studio Services team to work alongside teachers and students and weave the use of educational ICT into real teaching and learning. This allows students and teachers to work together with real programmers, digital artists and video technicians.

This project includes:

  • documentation including lesson plans and teaching tips.
  • remote support and technical guidance where needed.
  • additional support can be purchased for larger projects.


Product Description

Before starting this project, pupils will require previous knowledge of using Scratch or similar code block software package and need to have a basic understanding of the following:

  • Basic scripts
  • Using variables
  • Repeat code blocks
  • Basic conditions
  • Changing costumes
  • Custom code blocks

It is organised into seven easy to follow steps, which include comparing the 'broken' and 'fixed' versions of code, examining the code and understanding what it is trying to do, fixing sequence and condition scripts and finally testing the 'repaired' scripts.

Each of the steps contains:

  • Lesson Tasks – suggested exercises for pupils to work through in order to complete the project
  • Teaching Tips – ideas on how to increase learning, help pupils complete the exercises and general advice with regards to the project
  • Starter Questions – suggested questions to help prompt pupils and introduce new ideas or concepts
  • Learning Outcomes – pupil learning statements, ‘I can’ statements and digital literacy outcomes for each example task