Website Design & Build Project (Including Support)


Website Design & Build Project (Including Support)

This project based learning pack has been designed as a standalone, ‘off the shelf’ project to support teachers in helping pupils understand the processes of building a working website. Apart from web design, it also covers e-safety, user interfaces and website integrity and security.

Gaia deploys its expertise  within its Studio Services team to work alongside teachers and students and weave the use of educational ICT into real teaching and learning. This allows students and teachers to work together with real programmers, digital artists and video technicians.

This project includes:

  • documentation
  • lesson planning adapted to your needs
  • 4 days onsite or remote support.

Additional support can be purchased separately.



Product Description

Pupils will learn about making websites using HTML by researching, tinkering, planning, creating and reviewing. As well as researching, pupils will have a go at 'hacking' an existing website!

The project is divided into four units which are developed over a series of lessons.

Unit 1  - Design: Investigate the design of existing websites. Looking at the features of websites and asking pupils to to consider which designs they think work and which do not.

Unit 2 - Validation: Exploring the validity of information presented on websites and whether it can be trusted.

Unit 3 - Hacking: Using freely available tools to change aspects of websites.

Unit 4 - Creating: Using an online HTML editor to take a 'skeleton' website and customise it.

Each of the units contains:

  • Lesson Tasks – suggested exercises for pupils to work through in order to complete the project
  • Teaching Tips – ideas on how to increase learning, help pupils complete the exercises and general advice with regards to the project
  • Starter Questions – suggested questions to help prompt pupils and introduce new ideas or concepts
  • Learning Outcomes – pupil learning statements, ‘I can’ statements and digital literacy outcomes for each example task

As part of the project pack, you will also receive worksheets, digital resources, HTML reference and help sheets.

Additional Information

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