Gaia Teen Mind Project


Gaia Teen Mind Project

An app to¬†provide students with advice, information and points of contact on all subjects to do with wellbeing from body image to bullying. As part of a scheme of work, students can insert their own or amend the existing information provided. Contact details within the app can be customised to be relevant to your school and the artwork can be branded to represent the school’s own branding. This can be done for an individual school or rolled out across a group of schools. The content and look are designed to appeal to the secondary¬†age range.


Product Description

We have designed a template that allows a school to bespoke the App to their needs. The school are welcome to make changes themselves, but we also provide example lesson plans and the information needed to enable them to run an App development project with their students.

The template we provide, allows for as few or as many changes to the content as they wish, including the ability to:

  • Develop new categories, including the icons and any imagery
  • Change the content in the existing categories or remove them if needed
  • Edit any links
  • Change email and contact details
  • Add their own school logo and decide the name of the App to be published.

This package includes:

  • The implementation of all changes
  • Getting the App approved by Apple and Google
  • Publishing the App to both Android and iOS devices
  • Providing a desktop version for use on PCs and laptops within the school.

We believe this allows the school to gain the maximum benefit and integrate wellbeing into the curriculum.