3D Printing Project


3D Printing Project

3D printing plays an increasing role in the design and development of products and not just for prototyping. We have extensive experience in 3D printing and can be called upon to help plan your projects and ensure successful production of student work. Alternatively, any of our existing models can be used as a basis for 3D printing.

We can work with you to:

  • Help design and print student content.
  • Explore the science behind 3D printing.
  • Create resources to be used in cross curricular study.

This project includes planning and one day onsite or remote support.

Additional support can be purchased separately.


Product Description

Print real models to support the teaching points in a cross curricular subject, to be painted, incorporated into presentation material or used as a means of prototype and production manufacture.

We can help in both the production and printing of your own models or we have a library of over 10,000 models all based on educational material.

  • As an example Dukeries Academy asked us to print copies of our heart cross section so the students could familiarise themselves with the size, shape and structure of the heart prior to an anatomy dissection. They found the visual and tactile nature of the process greatly added to the retention of facts.
  • ┬áDuring the development of their award winning design the F1 Tachyon Team changed and evolved components over a period of time. The design software they used had a direct pipeline to 3D printing allowing them too quickly and efficiently trial design ideas.

We can provide support in this type of arena having both architectural and engineering experience within the studio.