Saxon Village – Virtual Reality Environment (iOS)


Saxon Village – Virtual Reality Environment (iOS)

Our Virtual Reality Environments provide a virtual experience to enhance learning outcomes and can be integrated into your lessons to inspire and engage students.

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Product Description

We have lots of environments available and these can vary from historical locations that can be explored and interacted with to performances from literary characters bringing their text to life.

They are designed to be run on most VR headsets, including Google cardboard, allowing them to be run using most modern phones. The cardboard hardware is inexpensive and readily available allowing access despite restricted budgets.

Environments are embedded with audio and animations triggered by pupil interaction. These are developed with the assistance of teachers to ensure teaching points and learning outcomes are embedded within the experience.

Literary environments involve representations of the main characters addressing the user directly and making use of their visual appearance to reinforce their character portrayal.

We also have Teaching Packs  and Project Packs available to purchase separately, which include:

  • lesson plans
  • learning outcomes
  • supporting links and material.
  • Everything a teacher requires and guides on how to implement are provided.