Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Project

Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Project



Gaia deploys its expertise  within its Studio Services team to work alongside teachers and students and weave the use of educational ICT into real teaching and learning. This allows students and teachers to work together with real programmers, digital artists and video technicians.

Product Description

We will help embed Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality into any type of curricular project.

Virtual Reality – We have many environments from a street scene during the Industrial Revolution to a scene showing the living conditions of a World War 1 trench system. Rather than these being just passive experiences we can assist in embedding the technology into your curriculum. The content can be easily customised to include audio and  3d/2d assets created by your children, which would result in teaching points being embedded within the environment that have been scripted, recorded and delivered by your own pupils. This not only creates a sense of ownership. but reinforces learning in an innovative and engaging way.

  • As an example, within the trenches, dialogue delivered by the soldiers would be replaced with your own student’s dialogue. This could be in the form of historical points of interest or part of a dramatic delivery. The letters and poetry on the walls can be replaced with student’s work so incorporating English Literature. The propaganda posters on the walls can be substituted with student work to explore the role art plays in conflict.
  • All these lead to a bespoke app tailored to an individual subject and school’s needs.
  • Once completed this can be published as an app which would subsequently be available to pupils, teachers and parents.
  • We even have the ability to show pupils how they can easily generate their own VR environments using the capabilities of their own phone.

Augmented Reality – We have an extensive library of 3D content which can be used in an augmented reality scenario. These can be provided on request or alternatively we can assist in embedding students own 3D assets. This project can be run as a supporting project to almost any subject or as a technical project whereby the ins and outs of AR are studied.

  • As an example project we could connect a beating heart to a marker. This marker can then be placed on the chest of a pupil allowing others to view his beating heart from any angle.
  • AR projects can involve the creation of content and/or the creation of the appropriate marker.