Film Making & Greenscreen Technology Project


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Film Making & Greenscreen Technology Project

Our film projects can be incorporated into any subject area and are ideal for cross-curricular projects.

With an opportunity to incorporate scripting, story-boarding, editing and marketing with industry techniques and technologies, this project maximises learning outcomes and digital competencies.

This project includes planning and 4 days onsite or remote support.

Additional support can be purchased separately.


Product Description

Learning is at its best when it is developed in context, builds on prior experience and most importantly meets real needs. Gaia's projects are focused upon improvement through creative teaching and the use of current technologies. Gaia deploys its expertise to work alongside teachers and students and weaves the use of educational ICT into real teaching and learning.

We will work alongside you to identify opportunities across the curriculum where teachers and students can develop their subject learning.

We provide expertise and support from our Studio Services team, thus allowing students to work together with real programmers, digital artists and video technicians.

Our Film Projects will leave you with a final product which can be viewed and distributed through websites or other forms of social media.

Film making is an effective way of supporting and enhancing the learning experience, from web based video logs to documentaries and news feeds.

Skills such as story-boarding, scripting and planning are wrapped up in collaboration, communication and problem solving.

Modern films are often shot in a studio, with backgrounds and effects added afterwards. This process is called green screening and is easy to replicate within a classroom using equipment that is already available in your school.

Our team will work with you in a supporting role, from planning through to the completed video.

Projects can be bespoked to individual needs and support can be incorporated in many forms - here are a few examples:

  • Telephone/Skype communication for advice and support.
  • In House support for staff and students.
  • Editing, Post production.
  • Teacher support (cpd).
  • Checking scripts and storyboards and offering feedback.