Gaia Young Mind App (Android)


Gaia Young Mind App (Android)

Gaia Young Mind is an app for primary schools covering a range of issues associated with PSHE. With content designed to appeal to the primary age range, this app provides pupils with advice, information and points of contact on all subjects to do with wellbeing.

From anxiety and depression to self harm, Gaia Young Mind is designed to equip primary school pupils with the knowledge, attributes and skills to manage issues, challenges and responsibilities faced in everyday life.

The Gaia Young Mind Project Pack is available to purchase separately and allows a school and its pupils to bespoke the App to their individual needs.

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Product Description

The default categories include:

  • My Body: body image, eating disorders, healthy eating, puberty, and sex and gender
  • My Mind: depression, self-harm and stress
  • My Relationships: bullying, peer pressure, and sexting
  • My Relaxation: a meditation feature

There is also a mood tracker with emojis reflecting: happy, OK, anxious, sad and angry moods

This feature allows students to keep track of their daily moods and identify any recurring patterns and, ultimately, specific triggers.

Benefits to schools

  • Helps cover statutory duties in the Education Act 2002 and Academies Act 2010
  • Contributes towards Ofsted judgements on pupil welfare, behaviour, safeguarding and personal development
  • Adheres to ‘good practice PSHE’ as outlined in section 2.5 of the National Curriculum

Benefits to students

  • Helps them understand critical issues
  • Equips them with knowledge on where to find the right advice
  • Encourages them to speak out about any issues or problems they’re facing
  • Enables them to develop skills to deal with issues when they’re older