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Gaia Mobile App – Ebola 3D (iOS)

Gaia’s Ebola 3D app is an engaging an simple way of learning about the Ebola virus.

The app allows users to browse through information and interactive 3D graphical diagrams, illustrations and accompanying text.

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Product Description

The App contains a wealth of information and data about the Ebola virus. It is divided into sections:

  • Virus - A microscope image as well an interactive 3D representation with labels.
  • Symptoms - Text and graphical representations of the four stages of symptoms.
  • Contagion - Digital slide shows and information covering contamination, viral replication and viral infection.
  • Ecology - Focusing on inter-species contamination.
  • Containment - The equipment that is used to contain the virus.
  • Outbreaks - A timeline and map, including statistics of outbreaks in Africa.
  • Cures & Vaccines - Explaining how vaccines are delivered and work.
  • Quiz - This is a quiz based on all of the information that is found within the App.